Nordic Capital Eisenbjarke

Welcome to a 2 year project made, ive finally finished, Eisenbjarke upon the the Mighty Yngir Treetop  Hill sits the main district and with it the Palace of the Runelord, Ruler of the Fjordlands and ascended Mortal God who has watched over his people for more than 300 years now, here it is that the Capital city of the Fjordland resides and the people who live in it. From the Promethian Guard to the Moondruids and even the Sisterhood of Valykries who as instituional supporters help the Runelord govern the lands and enact fair and wise ruling.
Here were Giants, Humans and Dwarves reside in harmony and work together as friends and family, in the different Districts many things can be found and especially outside on the plains and forests outside of Eisenbjarke being inhabited by Dryads and forest spirits who have a close bond and relation with the Runelord and the Moondruids who act as diplomats on the behalf of the Runelord, feel yourself at home and experience the summer breeze or the frosty cold winds, Heave your ale and toast to the Runelord, King of Giants , ruler in the north and Mighty God of Justice.

In the Settlement you can find various districts those being:
1. Torgards Watch
2. Axesweep Docks
3. Yngarsdwell/Felsegraben Mining Outpost
4. Underhöven
5. Skolpenheim
6. Yngir Treetop

Ive used many and various different slabs from other creators as ive couldnt done all things myself, though some of the nordic themed Buildings especially the homes are made/used from my own published slabs (Viking houses part 1,2,3) now for the lovely people with their assets!
1.(LeitoSE): Nordic Assembly Hall, Nordic Inn.
2.(Gengus): a selection of small windmills and a barn, siege weapons(humans,goblins etc) updated, work place/stables/wagon repair shop and store barn.
3. (Nicnicnico): Druids lodge
4.(MasterCZM):  Modular mineshaft Caverns-T section.
5.(Gerge): Zatrus stronghold/kryptgarden forest (ive copied the giant tree to use in the slab since i was not good enough making my own)
6.(Paroxysm): Cargo wagons
7.(Azaron): -Re-edit, i finally found the lovely person who made the Ballista, credit where credit is due.

Hope you have fun making your adventure here its been my biggest and finest project, enjoy.

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