New Albion City : Midtown Main Street
Author: Xen
Status: Work in progress
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Created On: April 29th, 2022
Last Updated: January 7th, 2024
Terrain: City
[OLD] New Albion City (N.A.C)

Is a progressive city in my campaign. It is inspired by 1800s New York and Republic City from ALOK. Being set in a steampunk/1800s fantasy, It bears a more modern look. Concrete roads and metal tracks run through the entire city. Automobiles have replaced much of animal-drawn transportation. And the quality of life has been significantly improved with the introduction of electricity, stoves, and residential plumbing.

The build is semi-modular. I will be looking to make improvements to modularity, decor, and interiors. Note that this is not the final version.


  • Coffee Shop
  • Corner Store
  • Printing Press
  • Road & Pavement
  • Tavern/Inn
  • Textile Store
  • Various Residential Units
  • Vehicle: Car
  • Vehicle: Tram

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4 thoughts on “New Albion City : Midtown Main Street”

    • Thank you! I really wanted that asphalt texture on the roads and cornices for the buildings. I’m thrilled with the outcome and am excited to see others use these blocks on their builds. Still have much to learn from great builders like yourself. So I’ll be updating this city into a collection over time.

  1. I converted this board into slabs to use as my own “downtown” area (adding it to my very first slab … an inn where the PCs tend to return, regroup and recuperate). My players pretty much gasped when they saw it and started lavishing me with praise. I was quick to advise that I was not the originator. As a relatively new builder I have to say that this is one of the boards that has most humbled me, but also has most instructed me in the possibilities of building. I “slabbed” some of the street elements so I could expand the rail line (I added 5x5x5 ruined castle blocks at one end to stop cars from crashing into my “old town” street in front of the inn) and side streets. I then went through every building and dropped GM markers to label all the rooms and businesses. The entire board is so evocative I just added new place after new place to it until now there is a downtown “popular” (public) library, an airship tower, a burlesque, a hedge-maze, a museum and more than I can recall off hand. (Oh. And I added Brumestone blue crystals to the streetcars to represent a mode of transportation.)

    This is truly masterful work.

    • That sounds amazing! CrankyGramps. I am humbled to know that someone is enjoying and learning from my build. You would be pleased to know that progress is being made with the modularity of the builds. I’m not exactly sure how well the old and new builds would work together, but they should still look the part.

      The new set is being made to fit with the framework of BrotherHanan’s Modcity 2.0. The project isn’t quite there yet, but it’s been teased in His Discord.

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