Naglfar: The Arc of the Ancients
Author: Forge of Lore
Status: Work in progress
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Genre: Fantasy, SciFi
Created On: February 22nd, 2023
Last Updated: January 2nd, 2024

Welcome to the city of Naglfar: The Arc of the Ancients!

The city is named after the ship made from the nails of the dead in Norse Mythology.

Resting in the remnants of an ancient, crashed Ymir space ship, Naglfar is one of the best-protected cities in Muspelheim. It’s also the coolest city in the desert, thanks to technological help from the local chapter of the Veraldarsmiðir tinkerer group, which provides air conditioning in a world where nobody knows what that means.

Naglfar has a small set of buildings and homes in the shadow of the structure, including the Sandr Stables and the Fyrir Borð food stand. However, the heart of the city lies inside, behind the gates. There you will find an indoor market, the Kyker Old (Veraldarsmiðir tinker shop), the 3-level Veraldarsmiðir club house, a temple to the Gods of Asgard, an indoor garden, and the Keel Hull Tavern, converted from an old Ymir medical bay. In the lower levels is an indoor, low-cost neighborhood, referred to as the Slums. High-end homes can be found on the upper-most level, including the home of Eggard Haines, leader of the Veraldarsmiðir. You can also find the longhouse in the ship’s old command deck, where Jarl Hjalmarr Egilsson rules the town. His living quarters are accessible directly from the longhouse. Just down the hall from the longhouse is the guard breakroom and longhouse storage for quick access to weaponry and supplies if the city suddenly comes under siege. There is also a guards quarters on the main level with bunks, weaponry, and training grounds with access to the top of the ship where guards are posted. At the very top of the ship is an old communications array, converted to a guard tower.

A lot of this city isn’t filled out. There are a lot of compartments for homes and shops already prepared, plus much more room to build and expand the city. I might build out more of the city if I ever get time, but feel free to fill it out yourself!

Naglfar was first revealed at the end of Skald Chapter 20: The Pious Path. Check out the tour video below!

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