Modern City *Updated* V 1.9
Author: OberstHeinrich
Status: Work in progress
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Genre: SciFi
Created On: October 13th, 2022
Last Updated: January 31st, 2024

The last big corpo-war, 20 years ago, left most of the old city in ruin. Much have changed since. The rich people and the big corporations have moved to the newly build upper city. No one is allowed to enter the district without a special permit. Also the parts of the city, which weren´t fully rebuild, have been closed up by a big wall. Heavily guarded by the police. Hunger, violence and gang wars rule in this part of the city. Nobody without a good reason (and permission from the city council) goes there. Right in between “normal” people try to live their lives.

This board is gigantic. Lots of different offices, houses, shops and factories. You find a storm drain, highway and lots of other infrastructure there, too.

I build this board originally for a Shadowrun-Campaign. You will find some magic stuff there. If you play an non-magic TTRPG, just pretend it´s from some kind of  cult.

Have fun!

Used assets:


V 1.1

  • Train Station Added
  • Park Added
  • Garages and Details

V 1.2


  • Knight Errant Police Station (Shadowrun)
  • High Class Villa
  • Street Tunnel

V 1.3


  • Street Market
  • Residential Buildings and Shops
  • Tavern


  • 2 Residential Buildings

Also some Map-Fixes/Reworks and Expansion of a big Office Complex

V 1.4

Biggest Update yet


  • Train Maintenance Depot
  • Hotel
  • 2 Office Buildings
  • Restaurant
  • Parking Garage
  • Multiple Houses
  • Construction Site


  • Park
  • Market

V 1.5

Upper City Update. The upper City, a place for the rich and the famous. No “normal” people allowed!


  • Supermarket
  • Villa
  • High Class Apartments
  • 2 Office Towers
  • Taxi Depot
  • Cistern

V 1.6

Upper City & Downtown Expansion


  • Downtown Block
    • Car Dealer
    • Butcher
    • Antiques shop
    • Restaurant
    • Undertaker
    • Hardware store
    • Closed drugstore / secret Ripperdoc
    • lots of Flats
  • 2 Villas
  • High Class Apartment Building
  • 2 Apartment Towers
  • BurKi Fast Food
  • Black Market


  • Big Office Complex (finally)
  • Garages


Industrial District & Slum Update


Industrial District:

  • Stahlheim Ironworks
  • Canine Canned Goods
  • Abandoned Factory
  • Chemical Plant
  • Car Park
  • Storage Buildings


  • Gatehouse
  • Supply Depot
  • Gang Hideout
  • Old Soccer Stadion
  • Multiple shops and residential buildings

V 1.8

Upper City and Downtown Expansion


Upper Town:

  • Gatehouse / Checkpoint
  • Sarin Synthfoods


  • Multiple Blocks
  • Wine Shop
  • Grocery Store
  • Aquatic Shop
  • Flower Shop

V 1.9

Another Upper City Expansion

Upper City:

  • 2 new Villas
  • Big office Tower
  • Axe Biotech
  • Club Underground
  • Aztech Memoplex
  • Transport Hub

Industrial Sector:

  • Cargo Trainstation
  • Multiple storage buildings
  • Under construction factory

Minor reworks in other parts of the city


Most of my buildings are seperately available. See

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