Mansion of Janus 1 – Library and Café.
Author: Snor
Status: Work in progress
TaleSpire Version: Beta - Dragon
Created On: July 29th, 2020
Last Updated: August 25th, 2020

The House is a great unknown. How far does it reach? Who lives there now? Is it nefarious? Does the Architecture make any sense?
These are all questions for you to decide.

As per usual the red square on walls/roof indicate a hidden passage. Remove before play. You decide how they’re orientated and if they exist. Some of the joints might need a moorgoth wall piece to align, depending on your placement. You can always tear down a wall and add a door if your story calls for it.

The balcony additions work best on the pillar library corner, the two curved library corners, and the backroom kitchen. Align with the corner of ground floor.

Slab Statistics

Slab Size: 10.3k out of 30k (34.4%)
Slab Dimensions: 50w x 5d x 28h
Asset Count: 1523
Unique Asset Count: 167
Tile Count: 1523
Prop Count: 0

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