‘Mage You Look’ Magic Item Shop – From The Book of Random Encounters Pg. 128

Author: Unknownsmile
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Genre: Fantasy
Created On: February 24th, 2023
Last Updated: December 10th, 2023

I made it straight out of the page and put in a lot of signs with labels for what’s what and what the DM should know.  Not much to say except the lore behind the shop.  Enjoy and don’t forget to scroll down to see ‘some’ the list of new magic items the book stocked in this store! (*cough cough* it was too long to type out as its 2 pages long) but if this receives a lot of likes then i can take the time to update the list if you dont have the book

Pulled straight out of the Book of Random Encounters, Mage You Look is a renowned magic shop known for its unique magical artifacts.  It’s a popular location for any spellcaster looking for magical swag.  The owner is a powerful artificer, Gal Powers, who loves experimenting and making her own magic items.  The shop is very reliable in security as all items on display are not only fakes, but also are warded with a very damaging trap.  Gal usually wears earplugs knowing someone is bound to mess up and pick up one of the items, causing a loud thunder.

Thank you PsiaBaba for the potion shelves in the Herbalist and infirmary , this is the 3rd time I mentioned you in the last day haha but that counter is really nice addition to all herbalist/alchemy shops.


Traveling Hole Punch – Wonderous item, Rare, 500gp

Once per long rest, as an action, you can use this handheld mechanical device to create a 5-ft hole in any structure or surface.  it has a 10 percent chance of opening a portal to another plane at GM’s discretion.

Hairshirt of Healing – wonderous item, rare, 500gp

This article of clothing, used in some religious orders, can be used to facilitate healing through the act of self-harm.  As a bonus action, make an attack against yourself.  a creature that you can see within 60ft. heals three times the amount of damage you inflict on yourself.

Marble of slipping – wonderous item, common, 80gp

once per long rest, this tiny, unassuming glass ball becomes 1,000 marbles for just a moment.  as an action, you can toss the marble up to 30ft. and shout its activation phrase (“slippity boppity boom”).   upon impact with the ground the marble creates difficult terrain in a 15ft radius for one turn.  any creature entering the area of effect or starting its turn there must succeed on a DC 18 dex save or fall prone, taking 1d8 bludgeoning dmg on a fail.  after one turn the marble returns to its bag and the effect dissipates.


1.1: I added prices for all magic items displayed that were not in the Book of Random Encounters.  All prices came from the 5emagicshop website.

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