Lumbridge (Runescape starting town)
Author: lucas.garbo97
Status: Work in progress
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Version: 1.0
Created On: September 11th, 2021
Last Updated: September 11th, 2021
Type: Bridge

This is my version of Lumbridge, the starting town in Runescape. Be advised that it was not made to be 100% accurate, but I tried to keep things as nostalgic as possible. I hope you guys enjoy it.

ps: I do plan to make lumbridge swamp, Al-Kharid, Draynor Village and Port Sarim in the future, but it’ll take some time.

ps2: Any critics or aditions you may have for the map please send me a message in my  discord Garbo#5871.

ps3: I got a little lazy at the end so you may find some weird stuff xD

ps4: I’ll keep updating the board as new assets come out

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