L.D.C. submission – Stirtide Burg


This is my submission for the Low. Detail. City. Contest organised by Istallri Astra and MadWizard78

DESCRIPTION : Stirtide is an ancient coastal burg which I built wanting to create an organic town. As such I placed the building first and I wrapped a long main road around them. What we obtain is a burg that feels labirinthian and winding while still having a clear set of passages that pace a rather natural progression on the gentle slope downwards towards the coast. I also put different distinct points of interest in the burg, they stand out and have each a unique placement in the city, giving a clear understanding of the players position, they will be further explained in the points of interest section.

BEFORE USE : I passed an ungodly amount of time shaving bits and pieces from this frankly massive build so to make her fit the technical requirements for slab sharing, as such it lacks the flourish of a border, that said I believe that like for a painting, the canvas is still beautiful without a frame;but I would still reccomend to wrap Castle Ruins Wall 01 pieces around the terrain for a more aesthetic look; In addition, you should set the Board Surface Colour to Blue.


The Walls: Stirtide is a burg, as such it features a guarrison and fortifications. Inside the wall lies the burg proper, which in time creeped out of the ruined walls, fusing with a nearby coastal village.

Stirlight Lighthouse: The lighthouse on the nearby cliffs sheds light on the stormy waters, protecting the hardy sailor’s lives. Although the lighthouse hasn’t had a keeper for eons, the fires of Stirlight have yet to fade.

The Queen’s Gardens: Near the burg’s east entrance is the mausoleum to the Lost Queen wherein a nameless grave rests under a twisted oak tree.

Stormbreaker Castle: Following the road from Queen’s Gardens, the baron’s castle stands battered by years of the harsh region’s weather.

The Mainland Embassy: Stirtide has been granted special sovereign rights and as such an ambassator is needed to keep the kingdom’s interests. Their presence is tolerated rather than accepted.

The Market Square: In the biggest of Stirtide squares, a market is held twice a week for the people to exchange oddities and common goods.

Darkenwind Prison: The destination for all of the region’s troublemakers. The damp corridors plounge into the winding paths below the bedrock, wherein criminals are often forgotten

Darkenwind Rise: on the top of Mount Darkenwind stands a rather ominous monument to a forgotten god of winds, it is said that his song can be heard deep below the prison.

Last Oath Inn: An old tavern, the last gift from a long lost lover to the current innkeeper. Their engagement rings can be found hanging from the innskeeper’s neck.

Mount Saint Mikkel: A nod to one of istallri’s most liked slabs on TalesTavern, this is a reimagining of Mt St Mikkel in a L.D.C. context.

This slab uses this tile set: https://talestavern.com/slab/low-detail-city-your-small-maps-bigger-than-life/


If you apreciate my work please leave a like, I do like knowing my work is used.

-Gwendolyn a.k.a. The Moonlit

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