Kirurl Oasis Village
Author: AtlasTitanium
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Version: 1.0
Created On: October 13th, 2021
Last Updated: October 13th, 2021
Terrain: Desert
Type: Village

This board includes a full oasis village with a marketplace, 1 bar-tavern, 1 village hall, 1 broken building, and a building leading to some sewers.

All the characters have been given names, except for the mystery man behind the tavern.

The story for this village starts with the lack of water. The mid of the town used to be filled with nice drinkable water, but some day it stopped dripping water and instead drip some kind of crystals.

The goal for this oasis is to be some start or setup for the players to enter the sewers as some kind of dungeon, but it doesnt have to be. The mystery man can also add some kind of mystery in the town itself, maybe even something with the broken building, or why the town head sleeps on top of the town hall (or even where the other people live/sleep)

I´d love to hear your ideas or campaign stories in the comments!

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