Kaw Kaw’s House

Author: Mad Wizard
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: Beta - Dragon
Created On: October 24th, 2020
Last Updated: October 24th, 2020

Welcome to the new abode of Kaw Kaw.  Resident reporter in Age of Avalon.   A kenku with a bite in her reporting and always a sassy attitude.  Her house is for the birds, literally and incredibly simple.  She tried to make it show her importance with the fancy doors and walls but appealing to her bird roots.   She is nothing but disappointed this is her new home, but she is making due and made sure she could get on the roof to spy on everyone.

Slab Statistics

Slab Size: 1k out of 30k (3.5%)
Slab Dimensions: 10w x 5.5d x 10h
Asset Count: 108
Unique Asset Count: 23
Tile Count: 108
Prop Count: 0

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