Hermit’s Hostel

Author: Spooky-BIBBIT
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Created On: June 4th, 2022
Last Updated: June 3rd, 2022
Terrain: Indoor
Creative Commons Lic. Attribution

A two-tier hostel, carefully crafted to allow revealing of rooms one-by-one.  I made this as a background for my own hermit cleric, and a folktale to allow an adventuring party to hear about them and recuit them as a healer.  I’ve got some suggested lore below, but this hostel/inn can be used however you like!  It’s got a fairly intuitive layout, each room is unique to keep it interesting, and it’s got some secrets for your party to dsicover.

*Suggested Lore*

The landlord has inherited it from their parents, who built this hostel in a rags-to-riches story.   They keep the downstairs areas clean and the rents high, however they utterly neglect upstairs.  Let’s not even mention the attic.  The current landlord has known nothing but wealth their whole life and spends as little time as they can conversing with “the upstairs folk”.  The rules for those living upstairs are extremely harsh.  They must go completely unheard outside of daylight hours, and the only fire allowed is a few cadles and lamps in the hallway.

The downstairs tennants are fairly well off, but have obviously chosen this establishment as good value for the quality of lodgings.  Their skills and backgrounds vary, some have enough coin spare to secure their most precious belongings with an extra layer of protection.  The landlord treats them with respect and kindness, allowing them to live essentially as they please, as long as they don’t disturb their downstairs neighbours.

Those upstairs live meagre lives, with the bare minimal possessions.  They don’t really talk to each other, as talking too loud could get both people immediately evicted.  The landlord demands rent to be paid in full once per week.  If tennants to not pay, the landlord will often trade a free night’s stay to some muscle-head to go upstairs and evict them.

What the landlord doesn’t know, is that one of the folks upstairs is a cleric, a hermit who keeps to themselves.  Word has spread amongst the simple folk in the area that this cleric can bring those on the brink of death back to the land of the living.  They do not charge coin for their services, only accepting the excess fruits of the labour the loved ones can spare, when they can spare it.  When an individual is presented at the Cleric’s door, they quickly take them inside and lock the door wordlessly. The cleric will lay the sickly individual by their shrine, use a mix of herbal remedies and divine intervention,  and allow the power from their god to fill the room with healing energy.  If their god wills it, they may walk out the front door – reborn.  There is often a small assortment of offerings to the cleric outside their door, usually enough to cover rent and keep a full belly.

A rope ladder draped on the outside of the building betrays an extra abode – one for someone who has no money to spare at all.  A nomad, living off the land, sometimes uses the attic as shelter from harsh weather.  Be careful if you wish to make a sneaky entrance this way, when the nomad is away, other less civilised tennats tend to move in.

Slab Statistics

Slab Size: 5.5k out of 30k (18.2%)
Slab Dimensions: 14.5w x 18.75d x 11h
Asset Count: 730
Unique Asset Count: 135
Tile Count: 469
Prop Count: 261

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