Fortress City Protectis
Author: Promesheus
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Genre: Fantasy, Other
Created On: January 11th, 2024
Last Updated: January 10th, 2024

Credits: Thesageonstage he made Upscale Roman insulaes and Slums, Barracks, stables, granary, walls, towers and gatehouse, hospital and headquaters.
Lemuriansettler/Dustdown made:  market, cauldron shop and bakery.
Unknownsmile made: Temple slab
Peanutbutterkat made: Desert mercenary Guild Building found at the entrance of the map.

Little info: i accidentally deleted the board while giving credit  :< , hope thats good enough for crediting.
Fotress City Protectis is where the Foreign legion resides and protects the borders of the Kingdom to their best of abilities, enjoy!

Sample Collections/Campaigns that include this slab

7 thoughts on “Fortress City Protectis”

  1. Sorry brudda I must’ve caused more confusion. The original stuff you credited me with was also mine. So Upscale Roman Insulae, Roman Insulae (Slums), Granary, Barracks, Hospital (Valetudinarium), walls, gatehouse, watchtowers, and the Principia (headquarters). Sorry dude now I feel like a jerk. Btw I really like the the buildings in the center of town. You mind if I grab a few of them and put them into the Rome in a Day board? I’d like to use them in my fort. Love the layout btw. Looks rad!

      • Thanks! They look great man. I’m trying to make a replica of the Roman Fort Vindolanda and it has an exterior town outside the Fort and I didn’t have enough variety to fill it out. I’m gonna grab that temple you built as well. When I update the Rome for a Day board I’ll make sure you get credited mang ^_^

          • You have another board on your profile that looks like it’s own temple. Very swanky. I was gonna see if I could carve it out of the landscape and put a base on it so it’s pastable with the other Greco-Roman builds. That way it’s super easy for everyone to keep reviving Rome’s glory days! I have unknownsmile’s as well, though I made some very minor alterations to it. He’s credited in the Rome in a Day 🙂

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