Dwarven City of Kar Dorahl

Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Genre: Fantasy
Created On: January 15th, 2023
Last Updated: January 15th, 2023

This board was slightly inspired by Landor’s Main City Gatehouse. I looked at it and was like “Hey that would make a neat dwarf city entrance in the side of a mountain, someone should do that. Oh wait, I make maps!” 24 hours later after obsessively building till my fingers got carpal tunnel, this is the result! Also shout out to istallri Astra for the Market Stalls (with my own small changes to some).


Kar Dorahl is home to many Dwarves, the brothers three of the Ironbeard family work hard in the smiths forging great weapons and armor. The markets bustling with merchants from different nations bringing fresh goods as well as goat cheese farmers, a small restaurant and Ironbeard Works stall, fishmongers work down by the spring river that runs through the bottom of their home, running nets and gathering goods for sale at the market above them. Down below the miners move about, bringing precious ores and gemstones from the mines to the foreman smith who melts ingots and takes inventory of what is collected from the mines. Across from them rests Banti’s Pig farm, famed throughout the area for how plump and large he grows his pigs so quickly. Innkeeper Randli keeps the Gemstone Inn running in proper order, the barmaids bringing ale to tavern patrons and the chef cooking up a buffet style meal, the Gemstone Inn has two levels of accommodations,  those with more coin enjoying the warmth of a brazier and fine linens. A young Cleric works tirelessly to catalogue and maintain the Royal Archives. King Ungrim sits in court, listening to the problems of the people and addressing disputes while his noble Paladins stand guard. Out at the front gate, Griffon riders tend to their animals and receive boons from the court magician before taking flight to keep watchful eyes over the mountain passes.


I hope you enjoy this map as much as I did creating it! Sorry if the mini’s are ghosts for you, I use a pretty heavy mod load for my TaleSpire as well as a toooon of personal HeroForge minis.

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