DA:Origins Ortan Thaig Furnished

Author: Firefly
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Genre: Fantasy
Created On: December 4th, 2022
Last Updated: December 3rd, 2022

DA:Origins Ortan Thaig w/Interior

This is the first (well, second technically) board I’ve published, excluding a tileset that was a bawhair too large to be a slab. This board is the companion to my empty replica of Ortan Thaig from Dragon Age: Origins. I took some creative liberties–namely: the lava river instead of water, adding a pair of guard towers at the lava bridge, textured cavern floors because the stock Talespire cavern floor is boring, and having illumination crystals on the walls to help with visibility. There are also green things, because I figure a damp/wet cavern is going to have some moulds, lichens, mosses, etc. I added gatehouses to the eastern cavern approach and I put a large keep near the sealed Deep Roads southern entrance. Several structures have basements.

The board’s atmo/day cycle is set to dark but because it’s got boards as the cavern ceiling, you can set it to day and tweak the various settings to achieve perfect dark.

For the interior buildings, this is not a faithful recreation–certain things like dwarven statues could not be replicated without using a lot of little pieces, and I did not want to lag machines/graphics cards. I also wanted the thaig to feel like something bigger than a settlement for ten families so there are more ruins than in DA:O. I’ve tried to keep a dwarven aesthetic: stone, limited use of wood, natural terrain used with the construction. Mimicking Origins’ dwarven houses was nigh impossible two bottles of wine in, so I kinda phoned it in there. I copy&pasted TonyTheCapeGuy’s 30-degree bridge so credit to them for that. For the interior I made use of a few slabs on TalesTavern, credited below. I thought about adding houses built into the cavern walls but decided I had enough on the cavern floor.

I left some of my building tools outside the start area–the two main walls that I used, a set of textured cavern floor tiles, and my tunnels. The Deep Roads at the south and the north are from my improved Modular Deep Roads Tileset. In the DA:O Ortan Thaig quest the north Road is not actually reachable by your party, so I didn’t add access ladders the way that I did in the south Road slice. Start point is the south tunnel, marked by three stock dwarf miniatures. No environment/atmosphere triggers, but there are two hidden areas filtering lights because the props (furnace, war table) don’t have a light-free variant.

Mea culpa: I miscalculated the floor levels certainly not because I did this on two bottles of wine–you’ll know the area when you see it, it’s in the Thaig main cavern near the bridges.

I have an empty copy of this, in case you want to build your own map, use this for some other dungeon/cavern crawl, or build a thriving dwarven city. Hmmm… maybe that’s my next project?

DA:Origins Ortan Thaig, Empty — https://talestavern.com/slab/daorigins-ortan-thaig-empty/?cred_referrer_form_id=94

tonythecapeguy’s 30 Degree Bridge — https://talestavern.com/slab/30-degree-bridge/
Ooiittee’s Ruin building — https://talestavern.com/slab/ruin-building/
toolbear’s Gatehouse Ruins 01 — https://talestavern.com/slab/on-1-foam-gatehouse-ruins-01/
Jack-Ace’s RHOD Vraath Keep — https://talestavern.com/slab/rhod-vraath-keep/
Gengus’ a selection of ruined houses and shrines — https://talestavern.com/slab/a-selection-of-ruined-housesand-shrines/

My components used here:
Improved Modular Deep Roads Tileset — https://talestavern.com/slab/improved-modular-deep-roads-tileset/
Improved Modular Illuminated Tunnels — https://talestavern.com/slab/modular-illuminated-tunnel-pieces/?cred_referrer_form_id=94

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