Corsailles Cantons
Author: Brolo
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Created On: April 19th, 2021
Last Updated: April 19th, 2021
Terrain: City
Type: Area

The Grand Canal district of Corsailles. Uses the excellent fishing ships created by PrincessPopcorn –

The merchant city of Corsailles is famed for its cosmopolitan diversity, situated just off the mainland, it’s a neutral city-state where many sovereign nations maintain their embassies – which is not to say that politics don’t run rampant…

The Corsailles households:
The Despana Household, seat of Lord Avery.
The Veridan Estate, seat of Lady Isellan.
The Maniscar Tower, seat of Archmage Neira.
Old Toxis Hall, seat of the Late Lord Toxis.

The Kiln, operated by Construct Series 4328.

The Einskaldyr Longhouse, seat of Morchun Harpyslayer.

The Illastria, grove of Elder Maia.

The Mistover Inn, operated by Mott.

The Hatchery, run by Grunbald the dwarf.

The Vorsin Guildhall, chaired by Lea Vorsin.

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3 thoughts on “Corsailles Cantons”

  1. Using this as a template for a Drow city called Menzoberranzan. Mannnn, there is soooooo much stuff that needs fixing. It feels like you copy/pasted a lot together and there’s a lot of stuff that isn’t level, and just interacts with other buildings. You have an entire room dressed out in furnature and stuff, and every bit of it is halfway in the floor lol.

    Unless this author fixes a lot of the careless obviously copy/pasted errors, I can’t recommend this map. 3/5 for effort.

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