City Hall – Medieval Fantasy City Module
Author: Eiven
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Genre: Fantasy
Created On: November 12th, 2023
Last Updated: November 13th, 2023

City Hall – Medieval Fantasy City Module

“The city hall stood tall and dark against the night sky. This was the place where mayor and council decided the fates of the town.”

This is another of my medieval fantasy city modules.

Some plot hooks for this this building that my serve as city hall, guild house or any other place where councils meet and scribes go about their work.

  • A  young scribe fell down the stair well and died. Was it a tragic accident? Were they pushed? Did they read or hear something they were not supposed to know?
  • An undead apparation disrupts late meetings in the grand room. What does it want? Warn us of something? Has it come to take revenge?
  • Are the rumors of a now unaccessable vault benaeath the city hall true?
  • “I need you to break into the mayors office -unnoticed- and obtain certain papers for me …”


  • A store room with a secret door (the ladder leads up the the mayors office and is actually an emergency escape)
  • The city archives – stuffed with books and scrolls.
  • A waiting room, because… well … many people want to talk to the mayor or their secretary every day
  • The secretary’s office
  • The guard room, where usually two bored  guards hang out
  • The mayor’s office – lot’s of important documents and part of the city’s treasury are here
  • The council hall – the guild elders and the mayor have had plenty of heated debates here
  • The scriptorium – scribes work in the attic of the building, copying papers or writing bureaucratic stuff down all day
  • The stair well that connects all floors
  • An inaccessable underground vault, maybe a former prison, who knows…


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