Capital City Wolfenburg

Before i get to lore and other stuff id really like to make the shoutouts to all the lovely creators whose slabs added so munch story and detail to this board those being;
Warehouses and storage
a carpenters house
inner city home of a well off family
various shops and houses
2. Djowth:
5 empire houses
3. Gengus:
a master brewers house/shop
the cathedral
weapon and smithy shop
4. Nicnicnico:
medieval town house
5. Khorgan:
Ship waiting room
6. El-switchblade:
ship merchantman
7. Istallri astra:
modular medieval guard tower
8. Scanor:
AOE castle age part 1 & 2
9. Leoparks:
empty church with graveyard
10. Sefardicthunder:
Industrial boiler

In the City of the Wolf there are many places to behold its beauty, its major religion is to that of the Wolfdaughter and the Great bear, 2 major district make the city as it is and make it special, Schneefrieden plaza and the Witwenhof who are connected through an old massive stonebridge. At the Witwenhof live  the lower and middle class, however it is a place of education and sorrow as here the messengers arrive to bring news from the frontlines and give message to the wives whose men died during their service to the kingdom. On top of the Wolfspaw hill can be found the Glockenhahn tower, the Local garrison of the district and a noble families residence.
On the other side in the Schneefrieden plaza reside the higher class and wealthy buisness owners whose renown spread throughout the city, here are the heart of steel factory, the great churches and also some other places worth a seightseeing tour.
On top of the Mondschatten hill are the Wolfburgian Inquisition, the Ahnenschloss and the Botany research station/gardens.
Currently as it stands the city is also one of the best defended places on the continent, however evil things seem to make its ways into the city, corruption and dark rumours being spread, but as one such folklore or legend tells that one may come again to free the city from the influence of Darkness.

The fall of the Magister and rise of the Wolf Knight
About 270 years ago, there once was a former knight who came from the North and became a Knight Inquisitor here in Wolfenburg, he was honroable and brought justice to the Kingdom and protected it, however as with great renown come great demises, he was disbanded and left ashamed after a succesful complot against him, a folk hero never to be forgotten wandered the wilderness, as corruption and darkness spread while he was gone they prayed for him to return with a mighty howl to repell the darkness and free the city, meanwhile the same Magister who had accused him of evil deeds had sworn a pact with a mighty demon in exchange for power and domain over Wolfenburg. The rumours spoke however that in the time of need he will return and deafeat his arch nemesis, which he did in the times when it.. happened. A Rift was opened by this Evil Magister Maximillian von Schneider, but as the prayers told, a howl was heard in the distance and there he stood the mighty Inquisitor on top of a giant Red eyed wolf, the battle between the Magister and Inquisitor shook the Earth as otherworldy powers seemed to clash against each other, as.. the Inquisitor was triumphant he banished the Magister to the underworld, cursed be his name! , as he closed the rift and freed the people, he left without a trace, becoming a legend. Now as the stories tell 10 years after this event, in honor and respect to this once former Knight who came from the North, the Knights of the Red eyed wolf were founded, it is said if you stand on the Stair of Kings just before the Ahnenschloss and let out a mighty howl, those who are worthy shall receive a howl from a wolf back sounding in the distance to be the next chosen Protector of the city to cleanse it from evil, therefore becoming ,,The Saint of the Wolf,, many have tried but none received anything yet to this day, no one ever has.

The End

Enjoy and be the gods with you in this place.

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