Caius Cosades’ House (From TES III: Morrowind)
Author: Storyteller
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Genre: Fantasy
Created On: November 30th, 2023
Last Updated: November 30th, 2023
Terrain: City

This creation is an attempt to create Caius Cosades’ House in TaleSpire. For the ignorant: this is a location from the video game TES III: Morrowind, so the idea of this location is not mine, I just recreated it in TaleSpire. Of course, since this is just a part of a big city, I added a little more detail than was in the original to make the picture look nicer. This is my first job at TaleSpire, so I hope you can tell me what I did wrong and how to fix it!

All objects were taken from the TaleSpire library.

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