Brookengrad Keep
Author: Ulfhedinn
Status: Complete
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Created On: April 17th, 2021
Last Updated: April 17th, 2021
Terrain: Castle / Keep
Type: Tower

“The Keep appeared out of nowhere! It was forest one day and Keep the next. And those adventurers that live there….. Up to something, they are.”
         ~ Cedric Bartlebron, Local Butcher

Brookengrad Keep started as an altered version of the “Automata Keep” found in MCDM’s “Strongholds & Followers” (pp. 251-252) without the six mechanical legs. Essentially a larger “Instant Fortress” magic item, the Keep consists of five floors and a roof. (May or may not be defensible.)

  • First Floor:  Reception/casual meeting room, temporary storage.
  • Second: Lord’s Throne, Formal Petition Room
  • Third: Formal Dining, Kitchen
  • Fourth: War Room, Small shrine
  • Fifth: Barracks/Residence
  • Roof: Informal Dining, Lookout

Fully furnished and ready for your game’s local lord or band of murdering (former) hobos.

The slab is the building itself, without the surrounding area for your convenience. (makes screenshots pretty) Would also be quite easy to add a trapdoor on the first floor to add a dungeon below.

Sample Collections/Campaigns that include this slab

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