Bluetspur Adventure
Author: billdow00
Status: Work in progress
TaleSpire Version: EA - Chimera
Created On: November 1st, 2021
Last Updated: January 24th, 2023
Terrain: Underground
Location: Ravenloft
Type: Caves
Creative Commons Lic. Attribution

Almost all of this build is made by others in the community. I have changed it to fit my purposes. Thank you to everyone who helped and I hope you enjoy and make use of the below adventure

GENGUS4 , BrotherHanan ~ Lord of Kinetics ,

PsiaLapa , Scarnor , To name a few.


New troll lab



used hide volumes for the rooms some have more than on due to shape.

Hag Encounter

Blood River

blood river with B&W


Dead lands



Cave encounters

1 Entrance
2 Pathway or Encounters Left Empet for randomness
3 Crossroads
4 # 9 on the encounter list
5 can be used for #6 or #17
6 #22 the sealed-off area was made the area behind it as well in case they go in.
7 The inside on encounter #22
8 #12 snails and mushrooms
9 #20 or #13
10 Hydra pool #8
11 Hydra nest
12 Kobold Egg area #6
13 #27 the spider and slime in a puddle
All together



The Pryamid Map


Forest Of glass


New Rimsa


Mt Grysl

on the top side part of the map in the bottom corner I have placed two atmosphere blocks one for fog and one without,
there are hide volume blocks set through the map if you have any questions or concerns please let me know!



Cave encounters

1. 1d10 Alhoon Beg you to help them. Offering anything they have to get them to Mnt Grysl (they have 1d100 spell scrolls that are in strange languages and need translating. If there is a wizard in the party one of the Alhoon tries to attack and consume the wizard’s brain in the night)

2. 1d50 warebats are in a small colony. They harvest creep and drain the acid from it to make jerky. They use ground rock and poop to make soil and are growing meat bulbs alongside mushrooms.

3. A neoilithid with the mind of a tiny dog lay in the middle of the cave. It is too late to run as the giant Neolithid coils up to the party and gets less than a foot away from your face. (take this time to describe the rotting acid smell and look of dripping flesh and sharp jagged spines) The maw opens and a small stick drops to the floor. you hear a soft “hae hae hae” as the creature pants at you. A sharp ROP breaks the silence. When the party throws the stick the Neothlid crumbles the cave trying to get to it. DC 10 Dex save or take 2d6 bludgeoning dmg.

4. You find 1d10 Skeletons huddling in a cave. When you approach they beg for mercy in thieves cant. They need to be escorted to the Deadlands.

5. 1d50 Vampiric mind flayers shuffle out of the cave mouth you are heading toward. A long thick tendril lay hidden as a small him nearby uncoils. It reaches out and crushes the closest target. It sits between the cave mouth and the party. It begins to grapple, slam, and crush the VMF over the next 1d10 rounds.

6.You walk into a cave, A small pool sits before you. If the party dives in about 16 feet underwater in a small tunnel they come out to A coven of small purple Kobalds with no eyes. All of their fingers come to thin pointy tips with suckers. The Kobolds seem to not detect the party and go about tending to 1d50 6ft Blue/purple Eggs.

7. in a cave spiraling down a long and thin corridor 1d50 Gray Orcs are surviving off an underground river, The river is not water and will transform the Orcs into 1/2 Illithids in 1d4 days. Roll a d100 and on a 1-5 the Orcs are Hostile and bring you to Mnt Mkb on a 97-100 They bring you to Mnt Grysl making a connection to the Master. Any other number and they just mutate. (If the players have been drinking the water there skin starts to turn light purple. They need to drink for 1d4 more days to transform into a 1/2 Ilithid)

8. You walk into a cave with a large pool in the center. It is dark water with soot clouding it. If they cast any magic on it or dive in a Mutated Hydra that comes from the deep pool. The empty pool will lead to a largely empty chamber full of any metal the Hydra could find made into a kind of nest with 1d10 Hydra Eggs with yellow streaks running up and down them.

9. You walk into a cave that seems to be empty. DC 25 to see the Ptyranadons clinging to the cave roof hidden amongst the Stagtights. If the party makes too much noise or light it wakes 1d4 of them depending on the level. As the night goes on the DC to see them goes down to 15 as the cave moss luminesces to bloom. These are Corrupted Ptyranadons and req a DC 20 animal handling check to calm them. You can train these creaturs to ride with any med or smaller creature with a DC 30 AH or with a DC 15 they become nonhostile and with training and time can be tamed.

10. A Marut Sits un-moving and unactivated. DC 10 to have read or heard about it, DC 35 and you can activate it. (If any morningstar is with you it activates and tries to cast Plane shift on him and itself)

11. You walk into a cave and find 1d10 Behir. DC: 15 and you know lightning hurts them when awake. DC 25 AH and you can calm them but will need to feed them. If you fail at any of the checks they wake slowly (having just eaten) they attack Lathgicley, in 1d4 rounds A mind flayer shows up, and DC 25 int save or be stunned. For 1d4 rounds (player rolls) This is Sl’ith

12. You walk into a cave and see a glimmer of light, Chr saving throw. You see a flail snail eating a large grove of mushrooms with 1d10 baby Snails. in 1d10 days A mind flayer shows up.

13. DC 25 int save, You see young human women Sleeping in a small makeshift camp. (if saves it’s a hag and her 2 sisters sit in invisibility against the cave wall. She needs help reaching a druid camp in the middle of the dead forest. (they want to trick the party into killing the druid to use her portable to escape Bluetspur. They will try to introduce the other two sisters as damsels in distress along the way)

14. You walk in to find a Red Gem the size of a small fist. It sits on a petal stool in a surprisingly clean cave. DC 15 check to see a small creature trapped in the Gem DC 20 or more and you see it is a large demon. If the party interacts with the Gem in any way the demon is released. It is so grateful it offers to grant one wish to the party. If the party wishes to be transported out of Bluetspur they are transported to Rimsa. If the wish is to power the Demon tries to do it anyway. It drains the demon at the husk of their former self and may join the party as a level 5 Fend warlock.

16. The smell of rotting meat hits your nose as 1d4 Lizardfolk appears behind you with sharp sticks drawn. When the darkness clears you to see 1d10 lizard folks including a new mother and 1d4 lizardfolk babies.

17.You walk into a cave with a small pond of water in it. It is drinkable and safe. If you disturbed the water or drain too much 1d50 Blood Eels attack the party. They are bloated and have 1 HP and give a little pop of blood when destroyed.

18.You walk into a cave and find a wounded creature. DC 15 CHR save as you see a beautiful Unicorn with some sort of barb sticking out of its back hind leg neat the top. It will need to be cut free and can not be healed with magic till it is removed. The barb is long and spiraled with spikes and grooves in it. The Unicorn says it was an overly large slug that shot the barb at it.

19. You walk into a cave and see a giant humanoid creature before you. You hear a voice in your head, “Don’t run little ones, I would hate to have to kill you.” As a giant mind flayer turns around, adorned in full Ilithid armor. They bring you back to Mnt Grysl

20. You find a Rakshasa Sleeping away in a small but lovely-looking camp. (it is not sleeping and is waiting to see what the party wants and has a level 5 sleep spell prepared) It wishes to become the lord of the flying necropolis in the Deadlands and is straightforward about it.

21. You find a cave with a large metal door with a large latch. It opens with a DC 10 Str check, 1d10 Brains in a jar, and a VMF are in here, Roll

22. You find a cave sealed with stones and mushroom growth, DC 15 to hear shambling and moaning. If you open the cave 1/2 way through clearing it a hand darts out and grabs a player’s arm. DC 17 str or have your hand-pulled in a bit. DC 20 Con save or be infected with a zombie virus, In 1d4 days you will turn if you do something.

23. You walk into a cave and find a Collosle creature all but covered in the purple creep. This is a Tarrasque being eaten slowly. It is alive…kinda. If the party tries to free it, Roll a d100, and the lower the number the more intact it is. On a 95-100 it falls apart when it gets free. If you walk into the mouth of the creature DC 15 Dex save or be consumed. No, save. You take 6d6 Dmg each day for the next 1d4 days and then are passed out near a hole in the ground near the Warebat colony

24. You find 1d50 Humans from a strange land, There are in long robes, and DC 15 they are cultists. They are trying to get a plain shift scroll to work but don’t have a caster. (the spell is wrong and DC 16 Arc check you see it.)

25. You find Mother malice, Roll for god and proceed.

26. You find a cave, When you approach it shuffles and moves. DC 10 and you see it is a Titan, It was brought here as an offer by Ted to be his body. The titan declined so Ted befuddled the titan’s mind, It is unkillable.

27. You see in the distance a Colloslt spider, You see a cave mouth near you as it turns and bounds in your direction, It’s hard to tell because it is so big. In the cave you find a small Oozz hiding as a small puddle. DC 15 to hide, You can hear the spider clomping around looking for prey. If you look out of the cave mouth DC 25 stealth or it sees you and attacks the cave mouth. Roll a d100 and on a 1-25 it starts digging into the cave and the party may need to go deeper into the cave…

28. You walk in DC 15 to hear a soft mone coming from the corner. This is a Gibbering mouther.

29. A small lizard leads you to a small cave mouth. (this is a star spawn embassy)

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