Speeder Vehicles + Tokens & Statblocks

The Speeder is an amphibious vehicle designed by BrotherHanan for the TaleSpire Virtual Table Top. They’ll cruise through sand dunes, oceans, swamps, and sewers, or you can even rule them as airships or hovercrafts! If it fits your adventure, go for it! What fuels them you ask? As stated, propane fuel, an arcane jewel, or a steaming bucket of methane stool– if it’s unstable, just pour it in the tank and these babies will fly!

Give the Speeder to your party, or pirates, or the city guard.  Host a DeathRace-style speeder race or sneak into the nest of a giant beast and use the speeder to outrun it!  Endless possibilities await you.  What are you waiting for?  They’re ModCity Wild!

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