Rosethorn (Sly Flourish’s Fantastic Adventures) (missing The Bearded Man)
Author ganone

Hello all! This is my campaign collection/board used for Sly Flourish’s Fantastic Adventure mini-module named: Rosethorn.

Inside you will find my main town (labeled as Timbergate) along with the other necessary locations minus The Bearded Man.

Locations are as followed: Further down the main road is the Ambush Site, with correct number of goblins (hidden) and guards placed.

The Ivy Church: Found at the furthest end of the map. Hidden are the correct number of goblins for the encounter.

Greendepth Caverns: A separate board included in the collection.

Teblex’s Bog: A combination of swamp assets, with the sunken cart and Teblex also.

ALSO: A board to help players choose their minis! I placed all player-esque minis onto the tavern ‘spawn area’ with raised platforms to show the shorter characters. Thank you to whoever made the tavern gathering spot!

Note: All maps are primarily made by slabs made by others, for whom I give most of the credit. What I did was provide a larger play area and surrounding landscape for the players to explore, based on others creations. These maps may be used for campaigns other than Rosethorn, as the area is general enough for players to enjoy.

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