Rangers of Shadowdeep Core Book Missions

Author flyinfrank69

Rangers of Shadowdeep TTRPG core book scenarios.

This map pack includes the starter missions and scenarios included in the core book as well as a camp area with generic character templates.

1: The Missing

– Deserted Village

– Infected Trees

2: The Beacon Tower

– Bridge Guards

– Tor Varden Lower Level

– Tor Varden Upper Level

3: Descent into Darkness

– Broken Stairs

– Swampland

– The Last Stand


Each scenario should have all monsters pre generated with corresponding stats and experience points awarded.

Just copy and paste new monsters in as needed!


Questions comments and feedback always welcomed, Have Fun guys!

*** Trees in Infected Trees scenario were not my creations, as well as houses in Deserted Village***


FlyinFrank, EMT 1179

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