Moonless sky dungeon
Author TheQuietKid
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A short quest that gave me a chance to play as a DM for the first time. I ran this with three players each we’re level 5 and started with 500 gold, 1 uncommon magic item and 2 common magic item. The map is extremly fight oriented so do make sure the players understand that. For my three players, I took them about 2 sessions of 4 hours to clear about half of the dungeon (it all depends on the speed your players play at).

The idea is the bait the players into thinking that the missions is to simply go to a goblin lair, kill all the goblin and save the villagers but as your players explore the dungeon, they can find clues that there is something bigger happening. A cult has taken over the dungeon and are planning to summon a demon in the middle of the nearby town that asked for help to clear the goblin. If the players failed to stop them, they will have to fight the demon but if they succeed than they have accomplish the campaign.

I have included a PDF with some of my notes to help anyone understand what I was going for. There might be some holes so get creative :).

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