Fall of the Eos Keldor

Author Savage Sully
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Feared throughout the galaxy, the Lorendi Imperium is a powerful legion with a steadfast determination to hold dominion over the known worlds.

The lorendi captain, Sestria, doesn’t entirely share the zealous drive of her people or their emperor. Believing the future of the Imperium is dependant on creating alliances, Sestria arranged a meeting with Jabewal, head ambassador of the Valna Republic. Not long after the ambassador was welcomed aboard the Eos Keldor, chaos ensued aboard the bridge. Kulvas, the ship’s second in command, rebels against his captain’s wishes, killing the valna ambassador and imprisoning both the captain and the most of valna envoy, though some managed to escape.

Two days after the death of the ambassador, a hidden squad of valna infiltrators successfully sabotaged the ship’s sensors leaving the Eos open to ambush by a trio of valna battlecruisers. With the Lorendi crew in disarray, it’s only a matter of time before their ship is blown out of the stars.

In the midst of the chaos, our group of heroes, falsely accused of treason against the Imperium, are brought into the Eos’ detention center for processing. Before they can figure out what they’re accused of, they’re suddenly caught in the midst of the erupting battle.

This is the into adventure for the 5e compatible game Esper Genesis.

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