Sage Tower (Talespire FAQs)

These are questions, we’ve asked, we’ve seen, or simply things you may want to know regarding Talespire. Feel free to let us know if you see issues or have something to add.

Unfortunately at this time no, except for the giveaway we’re doing. They sold completely out before the Beta Launch so next option to access will be during Early Access on Steam.

Not at this time. They will be coming but sounds like they may not work the same as other blocks. Many have used creative layouts of blue beds to simulate. Creativity win!

At the time of this writing, no. But it will be coming.

Not currently. There are plans to make the foam pieces able to be cut to make different shapes. The only option now is to enable clipping and then use that to create what you want.

Since TaleSpire is in beta, accidents and bugs will happen. If you’ve done a lot of work you can save in TaleSpire using the up arrow in the top right of the screen, but as another option you can copy out the slab and save it in notepad. Ctrl-C once you’ve selected it all, open notepad, and press Ctrl-V.

Any mini can change direction by simply holding and dragging it. But if you want something easier and more precise, simply hold the mini, press and hold the Alt key and then moving the mouse will rotate the mini.

It’s simple. Simply copy the code either by selecting it all in notepad and pressing Ctrl-C. From here or TalesBazaar simply press the button to copy the code from the slab page to copy it to your clipboard.

Then simply go into TaleSpire and press Ctrl-V and you’re off and running.

First, they must have TaleSpire (downloaded from Steam) and a valid key.

Second, to add new players go into TaleSpire and press the space bar. Then click on Campaign Settings and you can generate an invite code to give them.

Once they have the code they can use it at the login screen to join the campaign.

Then if you want them to help out, you can promote them to GM (if you need their help running the game).

The simple answer, if you have a middle mouse button, is you grab the block, quick click the middle mouse button and it rotates.

Now if you don’t have one, then you must download software that lets you map or mimic that click. In the future hopefully there will be options to remap these in TaleSpire.

There are two methods to see inside a building, each with different features.

First, you can press the N key. This uses cutbox mode so as you close in on a building it will cut away part of the building.

The second option is using the slider bar. Look on the right of the screen for the green diamond. You can drag that down and if you are viewing close enough to the building that will take away any layers above the set height of the bar. If your view is far away, it won’t have an impact so make sure you’re close enough to see when it starts hiding the upper layers.

We’ve now got a whole guide for this. Check it out at . It has information sharing TaleSpire slabs/creations as well as boards/maps.

Moving a slab is fairly simple. First, you select your slab portion you want to share.

Just left-click on the map and drag your mouse to draw a box on the grid. Once you have selected the area you want, let up on the mouse button and continue dragging to select vertically. You can also click on the small boxes on the sides of your selection to adjust the size. Left-click to complete your selection.

Ctrl-X will then cut it and let you move it with your mouse. Move to where you want and left click to drop it in place.

It will be coming but is not out yet. has some GM Tips on how to do it with the current tools, but it takes extra work to make it work well.

Yes, there is. Or at least logic on how it’s built. Best is to simply join the TaleSpire Discord and look at the pinned note in the technical-nattering channel.

Currently there is not yet, but there will be. Their goal is to make it as flexible as possible so we’ll see as it progresses. But I believe the Bouncy Rock team can do wonders so we will see.

There is a settings file called TaleSpireSettings.json . To find it simply click the start menu and click on run (or press Windows-R).

Then in the window type (or paste in):

%USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\BouncyRock Entertainment\TaleSpire

And hit enter. You’ll see a TaleSpireSettings.json you can then open in notepad and adjust the screen height and width and save. Just be careful to only change the numbers you need.

As of this time, all that’s being said is Late 2020. It’s a work in progress and it’s more important to fix the bugs, and get it running great before it’s rushed to release.

It’s posted in multiple places, Reddit and Discord, but best is simply in game. Go to the settings screen (gear in the top right) and go to the magnifying glass icon for the keyboard controls.

Bugs happen. Bouncy Rock wants to see them. There is an option in the top right of TaleSpire but the main thing is to get it into their GitHub Repo.

Discord. Join the TaleSpire Discord Server and post in the feature-request channel.

Most definitely. There will be more coming continually down the road. There are more to come before and after Early Access. And before you ask, some will be free. But there most likely will be paid assets down the road as well.