Tales Tavern Asset Replacer

Below is our new asset replacing tool. Simple drop in the code from your TaleSpire slab and click Breakdown.

Once the process is complete it will list out all the assets used in the current slab. You can then use the drop downs on the right to remove or replace certain assets with others. Currently the system doesn’t block or recommend particular asset changes, so use them with caution. Pre-Chimera deprecated assets may not align with their current Chimera equivalents. This will also update the slab code from V1 (pre-Chimera) to V2 during the process.

Once you’re done simply click the replace button. This will then create a new slab code at the bottom of the page removing and replacing the requested assets. Test away and please report any bugs in our Tales Tavern Discord.

This is a beta, can have issues with very large slabs and replacing deprecated will have issues.

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