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  • Explore Mount Saint-Mikkel a new adventure release for use in TaleSpire (or without)

    Istallri Astra has created a new adventure series in conjunction with Tolkraft have released a free new adventure. It is released in English and French. This can be run on TaleSpire or regular pen & paper style. You can see the description, video, materials and even the TaleSpire slab right here on Tales Tavern. We’re excited to see this but also the new usage of our improved collection and resource components. Great job.

  • Eldritch Foundry and TaleSpire/Bouncy Rock new partnership

    The incredible team at Bouncy Rock announced a new partnership with another amazing team at Eldritch Foundry. Working together there will be amazing new minis coming to the game that look fantastic but also can be created even faster than before. This is a very good day in the TaleSpire universe. See what they were able to do in a week and a half from one part time artist.

    Read the entire announcement here.

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