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Bears Paws Make For Clumsy Dice Rolls  

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Game Systems of Interest and Version: D&D 5E

Experience Level: Played 2E - 3.5 for many years, have only played a couple of 5E sessions

Media Preferences: Can do audio via Steam or Discord. If we're using any other program I'd need to install & register first.

Time Zone: Central

Availability Days/Times: Sundays & Mondays are open. Saturday afternoons might eventually be available but for now I've already got another commitment.

Intro:  When I played before I mostly did whatever min/max combat build sounded fun at the time but I'd like to try different aspects of the game as well. Combat is still fun but I'd like to find a group that's going to RP, solve puzzles & mysteries, and get into the world our DM has created for us. I'm ok with playing most any role and I even like support quite a bit so long as I'm doing more than just casting Cure Wounds every turn. Half of my turns is fine. 🙃