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[Closed] TaleSpire Beta Key Giveaway / Scavenger Hunt starts May 29th, drawing on June 12th  

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Mad Wizard
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Enter to win a free TaleSpire Beta Key

Well we're at it again.  We've got more beta keys to give away and so we're going to mix it up this time.  Starting on May 29th, I will be posting as replies to this thread, a task to be completed (around 8 AM PST each day).  This could be a puzzle, could be creating something, finding something, or any other task.

For each task you complete, you'll earn one entry into the drawing.  IF you complete the task within 24 hours of it being posted, you earn an extra entry.  So you can earn up to 28 entries if you do every day's task within 24 hours.  Don't worry the tasks will be quick and none will take that long.  One tip, some of these tasks build on each other.  None require the previous days, but some will be easier if you have completed the previous days.


Ground Rules:

  • Complete a task - 1 entry
  • Complete a task within 24 hours of it being posted - get 2 entries



  • If you miss a day, you can go back and do it, just won't get 2 entries (only one)
  • Most riddles can be solved without leaving this site  (or having TaleSpire), but there may be some.
  • If you can solve the riddle by using this site, that's highly recommended as future posts may need you to use what you learned here.
  • You may want to subscribe to this thread to get notifications of new posts
  • New Post will be posted around 8 AM PST each day (give or take a few minutes)
  • Some tasks build on each other so completing one may help you complete a subsequent task faster
  • Stuck on a task, feel free to ask around (post a message on the help thread or PM me on Discord).
  • If you can't figure out how to complete a task, simply message me and I can pass you a hint
  • If you have to send me an answer and it's not right, I'll let you know.   I want you to get every ticket possible.
  • Any attempt to create multiple entries for any task by faking logins, or discord users, will disqualify you (please lets play nice)
  • Just have fun and Go Adventure!


I will be logging all entries and assigning numbers to all of them, then on June 12th I will stream on Twitch rolling dice in TaleSpire to decide the winner.  If you'd like to know your entry numbers so you can watch and see if you want, simply message me in Discord your forum username anytime during the two weeks and I will send you back your entry numbers prior to the drawing (only request it once as I'll send them all at the end).



  • Win a TaleSpire Beta Key through our Scavenger Hunt Drawing
  • May 29, 8 AM start earning giveaway entries by completing tasks listed in this thread
  • 1 entry for completing, additional if you complete within 24 hours of post
  • Drawing to be streamed on our Twitch channel on June 12


To Contact the Mad Wizard with questions, clarification, entry number requests, or when requested as part of the Scavenger Hunt

  • Post on the Tales Tavern Discord here
  • PM MadWizard78#7728 in Discord (Tales Tavern or TaleSpire)
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Mad Wizard
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Welcome Scavengers!!!

It's day one of our Scavenger Hunt. Just to reiterate, complete the task, get an entry into our giveaway. And if you complete within 24 hours, get two entries. Feel free to reach out to me via Discord if you have any questions (let me know what day you're working on). I've also added a thread at that we'll use if you want to help each other out with questions, clarifications, etc. Most of these won't be that hard, but you never know. Even if it's just to clarify, post or ask away.

At the end of each task there will be some way for me to know you completed, either posting or messaging me, or some other way I can track. So if you haven't done something I can track, check the clue again. And if you complete it, and you're not sure, feel free to reach out as I want to make sure everyone gets all the entries they can.

So here we go:


May 29: Day 1

The master riddler appears, sure to keep you from your prize.
Simply follow his riddles to bring about his demise:

"Todays clue is easy to do.
All that's needed is for us to know you.
We don't need much, so it's not a production,
just find a very specific place to add your introduction.
You're so very close so you don't need a car.
Others have let us already know who they are.
If you are one of them, then you're already come far (and don't need to do any more)."


  • All of this can be completed without leaving this site or using any other resource




Mad Wizard
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May 30: Day 2

The master riddler, appears again before your intrepid band.  He's determined to never let this key out of his hand.  

And he cackles:

"Now that we know your name,
lets go and play another game.
Your adventures may be rife with dangers and fear,
But let that not be cause to force you to stay near.
Around every corner there will be dangers today,
So send me a slab, showing an enemy to slay.
Send the message alone, not one others could record,
Send via email, or forum PM, or even discord."

  • on the message let me know your forum username as well if possible.
  • This can all be completed without leaving this site or using TaleSpire
Mad Wizard
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May 31: Day 3

The trickster laughs as he flees the room. The flashing key hanging from his belt, just teasing you as it leaves.

"You figured out my riddle, and you come after me.
Today you'll need info before chasing me.
This site is my home,
and here I do roam.
The answers today, will be simply three.
First, find who the creator of this site may be,
and in what year did they start playing D&D.
Second, is an answer to a question all the rage,
simply find it on the FAQ page.
The last, is simple you see.
In this site there are mentions of discords three,
simply send me their names, along with answers 1 and 2 privately."



Mad Wizard
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June 1: Day 4

Once again, the riddler has escaped from your hand.
But as he flashes away..."This hasn't gone as I've planned"

"Today I will hide, deep away where you won't find.
Maybe you'll give up, this one is quite a grind,
You'll need all your wits about you as you wrestle with your mind.
The key you will need today is 7 characters long,
you can find them all if you listen to my song.

First, take how many entries you see,
that you at most could have earned by the end of day 3.

The Second number is so much fun,
it's simply the first, adding but one.

The third letter is lower in dastardly and demonic,
but definitely nowhere to be found in platonic.

The fourth letter can be found in the uppercase Fool.

The next two letters are the first two in this sites name,
But reverse them and lower them, or this clue you won't tame.

The last character, if you aren't too whiny,
is found on a Talespire slab that is quite tiny,
a catacomb, a tomb or maybe a crypt and you'll find,
the last of those letters if don't lose your mind.

Now he laughs out again, tee hee, tee hee.
Add your new code to https:// /  
if you hope to find me."


  • Just a reminder, "slab" is the term for created elements in TaleSpire which are found on this site.
  • You'll need remove the spaces around the domain as forum displays the clue wrong if I leave them in the post.
  • Everyone is doing great. If you can keep it up, there are slightly fewer entries each day. This one is probably the toughest so far in some ways.
  • If you are unsure of the full code, you can PM me to verify or find out which part you're off.
  • Only one part requires finding today but it MUST be found in a very specific page of the site (good luck hunting, can't find it after trying you can ask for clues in the other forum thread).
  • You don't need to send me the answer or PM me if you solve this. But you WILL know if you've solved this as you'll get a message when you do what's needed.


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