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ThePanoramicPanda - TaleSpire Beta GM Tips - Part 8 - Managing Creatures  

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This is the eigth of the series of TaleSpire GM tips from @panoramic-panda .  Giants, Mimics and Bears, oh my!   You can view the entire playlist here or this video alone here

0:00 Start

  • Space bar to pull up asset list
  • Creatures are categorized
  • Click to grab and place

0:30 GM Options

  • Right click to show options
  • Torch, Emotes, Stats, HP
  • You can hide a creature.  To reveal hit tab to get to the GM overlay
  • Kill removes from the board and initiative
  • GM Tools let you rename, make unique, or change player permissions
  • Adding Player Permission lets them move the creature
  • You can go back and remove permission later

1:49 Unique Creatures

  • Use the right click to see the option to make unique
  • Make unique is usually for player characters or villains
  • Will add to the unique creatures bar
  • Moving them out from the unique bar, places them and removes the previous
  • Updating stats on uniques will carry over from placement to placement