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ThePanoramicPanda - TaleSpire Beta GM Tips - Part 7 - Cutscene Mode  

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This is the seventh of the series of TaleSpire GM tips from @panoramic-panda .  Roll that film!   You can view the entire playlist here or this video alone here

0:00 Start

  • Cutscene is in the top
  • Miniatures can't move during Cutscene Mode

0:35 Saving Shots

  • Grabshot to save it  35
  • Collect all shots
  • Return to any shot by clicking on it
  • Click the eye and it sends to all players

1:00 Using Cutscene Blocks

  • Click move shots to block to place a Cutscene Block
  • You can then save and close which clears shots as they are in the block
  • Shots will change if you modify your board.  It's a live camera shot
  • You can move monsters around while they are viewing