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ThePanoramicPanda - TaleSpire Beta GM Tips - Part 6 - Atmosphere  

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This is the sixth of the series of TaleSpire GM tips from @panoramic-panda .  It's all about the atmosphere!   You can view the entire playlist here or this video alone here

0:00 Start

  • Atmosphere is on the bottom of the menu of the left top nav bar

0:20 Sound Levels

  • Change what music and ambient sounds

0:55 Sky Settings

  • Change the sky settings
  • Change the sun position and angle

1:15 Post Effects

  • Change the post effects for different looks/styles
  • Give your board have a different feel

1:45 GM Blocks

  • Create a GM block of the settings
  • You can right click and click edit to change GM block settings
  • Save and close does NOT apply to the game board, just the block