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ThePanoramicPanda - TaleSpire Beta GM Tips - Part 5 - GM Overlay  

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This is the fifth of the series of TaleSpire GM tips from @panoramic-panda .  GMs Unite!   You can view the entire playlist here or this video alone here

0:00 Start

  • Tab gets you into the GM Overlay.  Hold to get in and release to get out, or quickly hit to turn on/off.

0:34 Edit/Hide volumes tool

  • Used to hide things from the players
  • Select using the tool just like normal selection tool
  • Right click to toggle on/off
  • Delete to delete the hide volume
  • Tiles are red in normal mode so you can tell are different
  • Creatures inside are also hidden

1:54 Atmosphere Block

  • Allows you to apply atmospheres

2:14 Marker Blocks

  • Makes players focus on the block

2:36 Cutscene Block

  • Stores cutscenes in the block for later use