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ThePanoramicPanda - TaleSpire Beta GM Tips - Part 10 - Combat  

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This is the tenth and final entry of the series of TaleSpire GM tips from @panoramic-panda .  And today is how to kill your players (or I guess the creatures could lose too)!   You can view the entire playlist here or this video alone here

0:00 Start

  • Hold tab to see names

0:25 Turn Mode - Initiative

  • Click on turn based mode to enter initiative 
  • Players can only move and interact with things during their turn
  • Click the gear to edit initiative in turn tracker
  • Left click a miniature adds to the tracker, right click removes
  • Drag to rearrange
  • Click start to go
  • Next will move to the next creature
  • Clicking the character in the tracker highlights whose turn it is
  • Killed creatures automatically remove from the tracker