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[Sticky] Guide to the guides  

Mad Wizard
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Here's a list to the major guide series and their individual videos:

@istallri-astra 's Building Series. An incredible series from a true master of TaleSpire creation.  A must watch if you want to get seriously, or even just hacking, at building.

  1. TaleSpire Control & Placement Basics
  2. Planning & Preparation
  3. Macro to Micro, and your Hero Asset
  4. Breaking the Patterns
  5. Details pass and Lighting
  6. Clipping & Assets
  7. Cleaning & Sharing your TaleSpire Slabs


@Panoramic-Panda 's GM Series (and one Player video).  One of the first out there with info for both Players and GMs

GM Series

  1. Getting into a TaleSpire Campaign
  2. Build Mode
  3. Dice!!!
  4. Managing Boards
  5. GM Overlay
  6. Atmosphere
  7. Cutscene Mode 
  8. Managing Creatures 
  9. Managing Players 
  10. Combat


@jcmancini36 (aka TOGGDM) TaleSpire Tips & Tricks Help Series.

  1. Basics (outline coming)
  2. Hide Volumes (outline coming)
  3. Marker, Atmosphere & Cutscene Blocks (outline coming)
  4. Create & Join Campaigns and the Hotbar (outline coming)
  5. Clipping Tool (outline coming)
  6. Use of Miniatures and Their Menu Options (outline coming)