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[Closed] Running a game and need players? Read this first.  

Mad Wizard
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Are you a GM? Looking for players for your game? Please post in this format below. Your "topic" is your post. If you're simply a player looking to play then go to instead.

Game System & Version: (D&D 5e, Pathfinder 2e, etc)
World or Campaign:
Level of characters:
Experience Level Tolerance: (will you take new learning players)
Media/Software Used:
Game Time and Days (and how often):
Time Zone:
Intro: (tell us about yourself, your style, your campaign and anything else of interest)


As your game fills, or adjusts, please adjust your post accordingly.  Please do not spam your post to keep it at the top.  You can repost on the thread once a month if your game still has space.  Please mark your thread as solved once you fill up.