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Opinionated guinea pigs apply within! Need alpha testers for my own TTRPG  

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Game System & Version: My very own Mallow-made TTRPG system. It's a classless system where you make your own skills out of components. Read the Intro for more info.

World or Campaign: Custom

Level of characters: Level 1. We'll start from the bottom and then probably make characters of different levels to test play at those levels.

Experience Level Tolerance: Everyone will be new, myself included, so everyone is welcome

Media/Software Used: Talespire for the playing field, Discord or Steam for voice coms

Game Time and Days (and how often): Probably every other Sunday at whatever time works best for everyone and we likely won't start for about a month, so late June-ish. I want to have time to review my system, fix problems, and see who's interested.

Time Zone: Central Standard Time (GMT -6)

Intro: Right now I'm only focusing on the combat systems. Each character & NPC will have 4 active skills. You build each skill out of components that you learn as you level up and some that you find over the course of an adventure. Since each person only has 4 skills teamwork is very important and losing even one person can be a major loss.

How do you build a skill? Let's say you wanted an aura centered on your character that only healed allies. You'd pick the Power (Heal) component (4 times max, +25% healing done each time), Area: Cross (spreads the effect out in a plus shape, can be stacked to increase the radius of effect), Ally (causes the skill to only affect allies within its area), Range: none (makes it center on the user), and Persistence (stack however many times you want for however many rounds it should last).

Alternatively let's say you wanted to make a ranged character who sets up a safe sniping spot. You could choose a panel that's a chokepoint/entry to your sniping spot and set up a skill that would produce a knockback effect on anyone who tried to walk through your chokepoint. Combine Persistence, Activation (sets a condition to activate the skill such as "anyone stepping on this chokepoint tile"), and Push (can stack, each time it pushes the target back 1 panel per stack). Then every time someone walks on that spot they activate your skill and then find themselves back on the panel they just walked in from.

Skills are created out of combat and memorized the way you shape them, so it's kind of like a D&D wizard's spells in that regard. You can make new skills so long as you have sufficient time out of combat. The more components you add into a skill the more Action Points it costs to use in-combat and the more Skill Points your character has to have available to even build the skill in the first place.