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DK — Dragon Hoard Assembly Instructions (DRAFT)  

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DK — Dragon Hoard

Dragon Hoard (collection:dk-dragon-hoard) is an expansive cavern constructed in an open diorama fashion. Inspired in part by the confrontation between Bilbo and Smaug, the cavern features a dwarven hall, an elaborate mining operation, giant pillars, harrowing heights, and a large treasure hoard strewn across rocky surfaces and abandoned architecture. An interesting alternative backstory is an army of dwarven ghosts toiling restlessly, amassing an ever growing treasure.

The assembled cavern is 160x64 consisting of 8 sections each 40x32. Five entrances total (Dwarven Hall Doors 1 & 2, Mine Entrances 1 & 2, Cave Tunnel Precipice) connect seamlessly with other DungeonKit™ (collection:dungeon-kit) corridors and connectors.

No tile or prop clipping was used.

Quick Start

  1. Unfinished Keep (slab)
  2. Expanse (Rear) (slab)
  3. Cart Elevator (slab)
  4. Dwarven Hall (slab)
  5. Treasure Mound (slab)
  6. Expanse (Front) (slab)
  7. Strip Mine (slab)
  8. Mine Entrances (slab)


Standard Arrangement
1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
Condensed Arrangement
1 3 4
5 7 8

Cavern Overview

Every section is built on 5x4 foam tile arrangement that snap together seamlessly. Snap indicators [TODO: image] are placed on the foam tiles in any section corner that abuts another section. When pasting you may find it helps to hide everything except the foam tiles and snap indicators via the green slider. The giant carved pillars serve as another guide; the pillars are divided into quadrants with each quadrant at the corner of a pasted section [TODO: image].

If using Dragon Hoard as the main set piece for an entire board, recommended placement is with the bottom-right section near board center. This assumes the party's likely approach is via the dwarven hall or the mine entrances below.

The bottom edge of the cavern is referred to as the "front". The walls along the bottom edge are clipped low intentionally. The intent of this diorama-style is unobstructed camera views for easier play. In-world those walls are tall and impenetrable.

Section: Dwarven Hall

DK — Dragon Hoard: Dwarven Hall (slab) forms the rear-right corner.

[TODO: image]

The Dwarven Hall is one of two conventional entrances to the cavern (the other being the mine entrances). By design, the hall is separate from the mine below; the higher caste observes but does not mingle. No direct path or stairway leads to the mines, though a party might choose to climb over the balcony and scale the wall. Consider arranging your dungeon such that one can traverse through corridors, descents, and rooms to arrive at a mine entrance.

Section: Mine Entrances

DK — Dragon Hoard: Mine Entrances (slab) forms the front-right corner.

[TODO: image]

Below and in front of the Dwarven Hall are the upper and lower mine entrances. Each lead to a cart system. The lower entrance has access to a pneumatic control system for the cart switches and elevators. [TODO: image]

Section: Cart Elevator

DK — Dragon Hoard: Cart Elevator (slab) is placed left of Dwarven Hall.

[TODO: image]

Here the cavern wall is mined & excavated and the cavern pillars carved from the rock itself.

Section: Strip Mine

DK — Dragon Hoard: Strip Mine (slab) is placed left of Mine Entrances.

[TODO: image]


Section: Expanse (Rear)

DK — Dragon Hoard: Expanse (Rear) (slab) is placed right of the Unfinished Keep.

[TODO: image]

The expanse sections can be omitted (see condensed arrangement above) in which case Cart Elevator is to the right of Unfinished Keep instead of this section.

Section: Expanse (Front)

DK — Dragon Hoard: Expanse (Front) (slab) is placed right of the Treasure Mound.

[TODO: image]

The expanse sections can be omitted (see condensed arrangement above) in which case Strip Mine is to the right of Treasure Mound instead of this section.

Section: Unfinished Keep

DK — Dragon Hoard: Unfinished Keep (slab) forms the rear-left corner of the cavern.

[TODO: image]

This keep entrance, partially carved from the rock, was hastily abandoned when the dragon moved in.

Section: Treasure Mound

DK — Dragon Hoard: Treasure Mound (slab) forms the front-left corner of the cavern.

[TODO: image]

This section and the Unfinished Keep have become the dragon's lair and treasure hoard.