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Fauldren: A Massive Homebrew City that I need your help building!  

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Hey guys! I have a request to make of the community. I want to build a very, very large city in Talespire that goes with my homebrew campaign. I stream this campaign on my twitch every Friday (unless something comes up) This city will consist of 14 boards that are about 200x200 each, and there are a lot of buildings to go on each board. What I would like if you have the time, is to check out this spreadsheet that I am currently expanding and see if there are any buildings you would like to tackle! If you build something that goes in the city, you get to name the NPC that goes in it, give them a personality, and a quest hook! (under my discretion, I will contact you to change this if it is ridiculous) There will be more buildings added as I finish plotting out each board. Thanks guys, and if you have any questions, DM me!

Discord Tag: CEROSLY#7873

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