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Tales Tavern Slab Build  



I thought I'd kick this off to get things started but also see how things work for this.  What I'm looking to have made is Tales Tavern.  I'm looking for a Tavern slab that I can use on the site, in broadcasts, or in games.  But hopefully in some way make it unique, or branded, or something.  I know there are some incredible creators out there and some who are just learning.  But lets give it a try.

Create Tales Tavern, post it up in the site, and then link to it here with a reply to this thread and any info, description you want.  

Just like most ask a question sites, if we get enough created, I'll pick a winner (either myself or by likes, etc).  

Have fun and Go Adventure!


Could it eventually turn into an actually tavern in Talespire on a server where people could hang out and tell tales and do, well tavern stuff?
Asking for a tavern friend.